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Arabic, Islamic & Muslim Women’s Clothing

Karim London are passionate about the production of our chic, glamorous range of Muslim women’s clothing. Our designs are created with luxury in mind, providing our customers with stylish middle eastern clothing inspired by the trends worn in Dubai. Whether you’re looking for modern evening attire or a stunning wedding dress, you can be assured that our women’s Islamic clothing UK collection will offer you the elegance and sophistication that is perfect for the occasion.

Stunning Middle Eastern Clothing for Independent Women

The attractive clothing lines offered by Karim London are suitable for any stylish woman. Our garments are offered in different lengths and encompass all dress sizes to ensure that anyone seeking beautiful Arabic women’s clothing can benefit from our designs. We are fully committed to the ideology that all women should be independent and trendy whilst dressing modestly. You’ll find that our entire range is inspired by these beliefs.

Combining Traditions With Trends in Today’s Muslim Women’s Clothing

The wardrobe of the 21st century Muslim woman has experienced a tremendous shift thanks to innovations in middle eastern clothing trends. Yet, the origins of Muslim women’s clothing are still incorporated into the glamorous fashion we see today. By combining the best of tradition and trends, Karim London deliver the ultimate in luxury, and showcase the best of Arabic culture into the designs of western clothing lines. Karim London’s founder and creative director, Khadija Sufi and Abdulkarim Mohamed handpick the most stunning garments for our collection. These include:

• Abaya dresses

• Kaftan dresses

• Muslim evening dresses

• Muslim scarves

• Evening bags

• Clutch bags

• Beach wear

Each of the garments and accessories in our women’s Islamic clothing UK collection is manufactured using high quality techniques and craftsmanship which are typical of middle eastern clothing. They ensure that every Muslim woman will feel classy and empowered when they step out in their stunning Karim London ensemble.

Beautifully Crafted Arabic Women’s Clothing

If you’re looking for graceful Arabic women’s clothing which is crafted with incredible attention to detail, then Karim London will deliver fashion, culture and elegance in every garment we stock. Simply browse our extensive collection and be amazed at the intricate embroidery, subtle lace detail and exquisite bead designs that enhance the core designs of our middle eastern clothing range. If you have any questions or wish to place an order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Karim London on 0203 719 4627 and we’d be delighted to assist you.


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