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How To Style Modest Wear Ahead Of Winter

Styling your modest dresses Islamic wardrobe for the chill of the winter season. Choose your fabrics and accessories with care.

As the nights draw in and the frosty mornings appear, it’s time to bid a fond farewell to your late summer wardrobe and prepare for winter. This is a great season for modest wear, which is so versatile and fashionable at any time of year – but during winter, you’ll find that modest dresses Islamic trends really come into their own.

Dressing ready for winter means preparing to layer up for warmth, whilst choosing the right footwear to complement your ensemble. This guide will provide you with a range of styling tips to bring your seasonal outfit together.

Modest Dresses Islamic Fabric Focus

In the same way that light, sheer fabrics are ideal for summer, you’ll need to pay attention to the weight of your modest dresses Islamic garments when you prepare for winter weather. By selecting heavier fabrics, which might include denim or corduroy, you’ll notice that there’s less of a need to layer up. Although of course there’s nothing stopping you from combining both of these clever winter styling tricks together.

Sensible Layering Advice

Layering your modest dresses Islamic outfit is all about wearing enough layers to remain warm and cosy even when you’re experiencing sub-zero temperatures outside. Begin with a base layer of clothing which should sit comfortably against your skin. Any perspiration will be quickly wicked away by this base garment, rather than allowing to chill and settle on your skin which can make for a really uncomfortable sensation. Now that you understand the basics of why you should dress in layers, you’ll be wondering how to put together your modest dresses Islamic wardrobe. The key thing to remember here is that just because you’re wearing layers doesn’t mean you can’t still look incredibly stylish and feminine, whilst retaining your modest values.

You might choose for example to wear thermal leggings beneath a long flowing maxi dress, which is a great way to stay warm without any hint of a bulky silhouette. Similarly, you might opt to wear an underskirt, which will work well under a skirt or dress of any length and is a great way to keep the chill out.

Styling Your Hijab

Winter lends itself to some fantastic hijab styles, allowing you to remain chill-free whilst looking on trend in your modest wear. Hijabs can be teamed with chunky knitted scarves to be swept over either both or a single shoulder. Alternatively, you might choose a fine and lightweight hijab to tuck into a turtleneck sweater to keep your neck warm. Your choice of hijab can blend with the print or tone of your main outfit, so remember to keep these complementary to stay on point this season.

Don Your Winter Boots

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of choosing your modest dresses Islamic wardrobe, is working out which winter boots to pair with each of your outfits. Boots look fantastic with just about any ensemble at this time of year. Whether you’re wearing a two-piece outfit or a dress of any length, you can count on your winter boots to finish off your look to perfection. There are so many styles to choose, from calf-high boots which look great with knee-length dresses, to cute ankle boots which sit beneath your maxi dresses, the options are truly endless.

Of course, modest wear fashionistas will attest that winter style is all about individuality. There’s no right or wrong way to put together your look, so feel free to experiment with your modest winter clothing style and enjoy the start of the new season.